July has been so busy…

July has brought us not the best of weather but it’s still been full force ahead with fun and activities for all the community and visitors.

The only thing that has suffered due to the weather is our beach days but we managed to get one in and a bonfire night at the wharf both which were well attended.

We also took advantage of one of the nice days we had and the Time Banking youth along with Deidre other volunteers spent some time fixing the garden at the local cenotaph. They did a beautiful job and we are so lucky to have that program here in our community. (they have been busy piling wood. painting, fixing and more for the seniors when asked/needed).

This week being the last week of July we have movie night time banking beach day turkey dinner special and the list goes on and on.

Looking forward to a warmer August.



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Yes, today is the day we remember all those onesies! LOL

Who knew they had their own day, maybe I would not have spent hours trying to find your match, or rewashing you hundreds of times before finally saying goodbye!

But if it makes everyone sad to think of their lost socks the good news is…..

It’s also:::::


Time Bank Coordinator excited for 2015 Program


I am so excited about the time bank this season!

We will be doing lots of exciting things from helping seniors with garden and yard work, painting sheds, lawn mowing, and working closely with a group of seniors on the new HUGE garden that will be put in at the Community Centre in the Bay.

This will include a patch for us to try and win the contest for the farmers market and hopefully fruit trees in which we can harvest berries so we can either eat or sell at the market!

We will also be partnering with Rebecca Tea on a youth running club and other exciting sports activities.

Once again we will spend time working in the local graveyards, have beach days, picnics, community clean up and much more!!!!

If you are a youth or senior in the area and would like to participate, please drop me an email or visit our Facebook page.

We are looking for all ages! This will look excellent on your resume.

I will also provide any letters of reference that are needed for college, university, or employment.

Please share with all your friends.

Deidre (Time Bank Coordinator)

Winter is almost over!

Well the winter of 2015 is behind us and since we are well on our way to May and so close to Spring appearing (there is lots of snow left!) I felt an update of activities happening at the Centre is long over do.

Although we did not plow over the winter we have been able to continue on with regular programming with the help of volunteers and the local Bay St Lawrence Fire Dept. and the kids played all winter at the Centre

But things are slowly getting back to normal with the help of volunteers too many to mention.

So onward and upward we have a busy 6 months ahead of us I will post a calendar of activities (everything is planned out up until Sept 2015 right now!

The internet has no password so if you pop by and we aren’t there and need access just pull up next to the building and you should pick up signal.



Fundraising for the Center

The Bay St Lawrence Community Center is open year round providing employment opportunities to the community, services such as help with EI application, Income tax, filling out forms and application, photocopying and faxing, programs for all ages from infants to seniors, heath clinics, flu shots, back to school supply program, time banking for kids, free to be me youth programs, and much more! We, of course, have our Bay Cafe where everything is home made from bread, biscuits, soup, etc….

All of that being said, we are in a “pickle” when it comes to keeping the doors open. The operating costs (not wages) to keep it open include power, oil, propane, and insurance. This annual bill is just shy of $30,000! Yep, that is THIRTY THOUSAND! So we need your help.

We have been fundraising through prize Bingo’s (the next one is on the 19th of Sept), running specials in the Cafe, selling tickets, and asking our former employees and others in the community to generously donate to the cause. All donations will be considered charitable after $25, with receipts mailed in December for income tax purposes.

We GREATLY appreciate every donation!

You can donate either by stopping in at the center, mailing it to PO box 60 St Margaret’s Village NS B0C1R0, or you can do so online by a secure site by clicking here.

Many thanks!